Monthly Archives: June 2008

Conducting the train to Geneva

That’s right, I got to fly in the cockpit all the way there.

My friends Sylvain and Simon invited me to go home with them for the weekend, to an area called Haut Savoie, right on the French-Swiss border.  Coincidentally, Sylvains dad is a train conductor and was working on the day we went.  Ch-ching!  Not only did we get to ride up front, but I got to honk the horn!

This gate really makes no sense.

Neither does this –

Or this –

(who really needs four turntables?)

Not to mention this.  Train tracks in grass at four in the morning in Switzerland!

We hopped the border into the land of the Swiss to see Jeff Milligan, a minimal-electro artist.  I had never even heard of someone using four decks at the same time, it’s crazy.  This is what it looks and sounds like:

Sunday morning was Mother’s Day, so we had lunch with Sylvains grandmother.  She is one of the most awesome old ladies I have ever met.  Get this, she started smoking on occasion after having abstained for 50 years.  She told me she’s so old that it can’t really hurt her!