Nuits Sonores – The End

(see previous post for context)

Wow. Four days seem to have gone by in two hours. I’ve never been so fooled by the passage of time. It could have something to do with only seeing the sun rise and set (virtually no day), and the rest of the time being surrounded by flashing lights.

I worked for three to five hours most days, then I would go home and sleep for three or four more. The rest of the time was spent rendez-vous-ing with friends, rocking out, and dancing. At the beginning I thought I would be eventually burn out on lights and music, but by the end I only wanted more.

The result of a four-day danceathon is a week long slump where no part of my body works properly.  Today I discovered I might have broken a toe, along with the flu and being sore in more places than I ever knew about.  Was it worth it? You bet it was.

Most evenings we would gather on the steps by the skatepark, overlooking the Rhône river.  I used my sunglasses as a lens for this photo and the next.

This is at the Piscine de Rhône, a public pool which hasn’t opened for summer yet.  Nuits Sonores organized parties and mini-concerts here during the days and evenings before the main events began.

This is what it looked like:

On Thursday, there were free events all over the city.  This one was right outside my friend Simon’s house (pictured below), which was convenient.

Later Thursday night, we went to the Patinoire, the city’s giant ice skating stadium. They put down a carpet over all the ice, so we didn’t go sliding around like penguins.  It was free for everyone, and thousands of people showed up. This was only one of the events happening in Lyon that night, there were similar soirées going down all over the city.

My favorite part was when DatA played.  He’s a parisian DJ who does my favorite kind of dance music.  To get a feel of what we were listening to, go here and play “Aerius Light”.

I never even realized we were on ice until the carpet underneath us started slipping around.  I thought it was strange, but never put two-and-two together until part of the carpet separated from the wall and exposed part of the ice.  You can imagine what happened after that…

The rest of the nights played out in the old factory I wrote about in the last post.  I saw so many incredible bands and DJs, I don’t even know where to begin.  Of course, none of this would be nearly as fun without all the great friends I had with me.

Jon, Mike, Ruby, and Jane

Ruby and Alex

Me, Fanny, and Charlotte

I can’t believe how many awesome friends I’ve made in just nine months.  I am really going to miss them a lot.

Wondering what all of this did to my shoes?  Of course you were. Here they are riding the metro home after Thursday night…

…and these are them after Saturday night.  Notice a difference?

I will never forget those four days, they all blended together into a giant blob of awesome.  Hooray for music!


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