Nuits Sonores – The Begining

I was lucky enough to get hooked up with the company that organizes Nuits Sonores, a four-night Electronic and Indie festival.  I’m volunteering, which means I put in about twenty hours over the course of this week, and in return I get free entry, VIP access, free food and drinks. The work is pretty easy, I’ll be doing everything from setting up, taking down and working bars.  Oh yeah, and dancing until I can’t.

We started a few days ago getting the site ready for the festival, which is being held in an old abandoned factory that used to make light bulbs. It’s been closed for about two years now, and after the festival, they’re going to DEMOLISH the whole thing. You know what this means? We get to do whatever we want with the place. There is a team of artists, and they were putting stuff up while we were moving everything around.

Sylvan working on couch logistics.  We had a ton of old furniture from local thrift stores to furnish rooms we set up for the artists to hang out in

The complex is ginormous.  The other day we went through the different buildings shutting off entire hallways with boards so people wouldn’t get lost. In just a few days we saw an expansive, desolate factory get turned into a dance-party machine. There are three different main rooms (and by rooms, we’re talking airplane hanger-sized), as well as smaller rooms with bars and lounges. Over these four days, we’re expecting to see 50,000 people in total.


This shipping crate got painted gold, then they put a DJ inside.  Voila, you can listen and dance while you wait outside to meet up with your friends.  Having outdoor spaces is really nice, because it gets pretty hot inside.


For more info on the festival, click here.

For more photos, click here.


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