Into The Wild


Into The Wild is one of the best films I have seen in a long time. Just this week, I’ve gone to see it twice in the theater. Remember that I am living in France, so we get American movies much later.

I don’t know where to start, all I can say is that this movie opened a part of me that has been closed for over seven months. I had forgotten the power of real, wild nature. Living in the city, I’ve missed out on the simple beauty of a sunset with glowing-orange mountains, a chaotic-yet-focus rushing river, or just being somewhere with complete silence, only to be broken by the wind or birds.

Into The Wild is a story about a guy that graduates from college, has a very bright future, and decides to leave it all. He gives all his savings to charity, cuts up his identification cards, and ditches his car. He burns the rest of the money in his pocket, and sets out on the road.

His two main goals are spiritual and physical. The first is “to kill the false being within,” and the second is to live off the land in Alaska. He accomplishes both, but not before having tons of adventures and meeting some amazing people.

I felt very inspired after watching this, both times around. The two main messages that I got out of the story is this: (1) happiness doesn’t come principally from human relationships, but (2) it is only fully realized when shared. That’s either a paradox or a complimentary pair, I’m not quite sure which yet.

P.S.  Part of it was filmed in the tiny town of Sisters, Oregon.  That’s where I come from!


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