TED is a conference that gathers amazing people from all over the world to give short talks about science, arts, politics, global issues, architecture, music, and just about anything that’s interesting.

It costs $6000 to attend this conference, and up until last year, it was invitation-only. Recently these talks have recently been released to the public on the internet, for FREE.

After watching six presentations I can safely say that these are the most awesome people I’ve ever listened to. Not only are they brilliant individuals, but great communicators as well. They are actively changing our world, in many ways that I didn’t even know about.

Thank you to Aaron, my sister’s husband, for sharing this with me. I could have easily watched one talk and thought “cool, now I’m going to watch some YouTube videos of funny cats.” Aaron challenged me to listen to at least four talks: two of which interest me, and two that don’t at all. I found all four equally enlightening.

I promise you won’t be disappointed.  They are around 15 minutes in length, and fun to watch.  Start by clicking here.

( clicking on “most emailed” in the left-hand column will give you the best ones)


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