Tecktonik Ironik

Tecktonik is a ridiculous dance style born in the discos of Paris and slowly creeping its way across Europe. Set to minimal electro music, it looks like a cross between hip-hop and glowstick raving. Packs of sixteen year olds gather in city squares to practice their moves, listening to their headphones and swinging their arms around like they’re possessed robots.

It’s the new disco, and everyone loves to hate it. If you want to make a French person laugh, do your best impression of Tecktonik. It’ll get them every time. Just make sure they know you’re joking, or they many never speak to you again.

Detestable as Tecktonik is, it’s undeniably funny to imitate.



Last weekend, my friend’s roommate Julia decided to make it the theme of her birthday party. We put on our tackiest clothes, spiked up our hair, and did our best impression of Tecktonik kids. These photos could be used as blackmail someday, so I’ll just put them out there now for the world to see.

Our beautiful decorations. Ruby did the letters, Meg and I did the stripe thing. I discovered that my art skills are worse than I thought. I can’t even paint a straight line.


Meg and Ruby gettin’ serious.

We could only keep up the Tecktonik thing for so long. After a while we just danced like normal weird kids.


It was fun.


One response to “Tecktonik Ironik

  1. Oh what a night.

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