Cook and Book

Cook and Book smashed my concept of what a bookstore should be. I love bookstores, and can easily spends hours in a place like Barnes and Noble. At this Belgian bookshop, I could spend days. Never have I been so intrigued and excited be the store itself, for a moment I forgot what I was there for (to buy Christmas presents).

Cook and Book is divided into nine unique sections, each with it’s own cafe, bar, or restaurant. Every time you enter a new room, you are refreshed by a completely different interior design. Imagine all those “wouldn’t it be cool if…” thoughts came true for decorating; this is the place. Not to mention the food (which I never sampled), has an outstanding reputation.

In this section, the sky is filled with flying books! Well, hanging at least…
I took this picture simply by placing the camera at my waist and pointing it up.

Outside, they celebrated Christmas with even more books. I enjoyed the irony in making a tree out of paper.

Most of the photos I took don’t do Cook and Book justice, check out their website here to get a true feel for the atmosphere.


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