Radio Soulwax!

A few days before Christmas, Brittany took me to one of the biggest highlights of the musical year: Radio Soulwax. In short, it is a nine hour concert involving some of the biggest names in electro, including the world-renowned Justice.

Soulwax is a Belgian electro-rock group that serves as a landmark in a sea of genre-bending dance music. They played along with about twenty other bands and DJs to make an all night mini-festival. Thousands of people came, so much that they had to change venues at the last minute to accommodate everyone.

There were four different rooms inside the expo center, each able to house a large concert in itself. Each artist was given about an hour for it’s set, and at any given time, you could leave one room and choose from three more to rock out in.

This is Soulwax playing their remixes live. They take popular indie rock songs and mix them to danceable electro, producing pure musical ecstasy. My favorite sets of the night were Soulwax, Boys Noize, and Justice.

The lights were awesome, too. I forget the name of this duo, but they had dancing star wars walkers projected behind them at one point in the set. I cannot believe the amount of energy and creativity crammed into that night, it made nine hours feel like two.

We were there from 9pm to 6am, literally the entire night. We took the train home, it was probably rather strange for the conductors to have their trains full of young people at six in the morning. When we got to Brittany’s house, I had never been so exhausted. Regardless, Brittany and I went and got fresh croissants at the bakery, ate breakfast, and passed out hard.

Even after staying up all night, it’s not easy to go to sleep with a mind full of this:

Click here to see more pictures from Radio Soulwax.


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