Brussels Part One

I have been in Brussels, Belgium, spending the holidays with Brittany and her family. We’ve been incredibly busy, and I’ve met more people than I can remember. I am loving it.

This is at Brittany’s school, St. John’s International. We went to an alumni reception, and I met a ton of her high school friends and acquaintences. This sign made me feel nostalgic for high school cheesiness.

Doesn’t this look like a painting? They’re paper light fixtures, at a Christmas market in Brussels.

This is Brittany’s brother Parker, who is really fun to hang out with. We found these telescope glasses at an antique market, which is full of interesting oddities from all over the world.

I took this at Gare Central, it almost looks like modern art. It’s a repair to the wall, done with plaster, and plastic protecting it. I just realized the plaster part on the left kind of looks like a lion. What do you think?

If the subconscious art of graffiti removal sounds interesting, check this out.


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