This is my Spanish host brother Miguel (left) and my friend Raffa (right) working out their differences. I took this picture a few weeks ago while visiting old friends and my old host family in Madrid, Spain.

I realized something today. In French, the verbs “fight” and “argue” are “se battre” and “se disputer”, respectively. The “se” before the verb indicates that it is reflexive, which puts an emphasis on the preformer. For example, “se brosser les dents” means, “to brush one’s teeth.”

The reflexive nature of the verbs show that fighting is personal, and the struggle is greatly internal. When someone initiates or engages themself in an argument, it shows that something is wrong inside them. If they were totally fine, and internally peaceful, they would be able to have a calm and controlled discussion.

I have yet to even get a firm grasp on the french language, let alone figure out how they think, individually and collectively. It’s the discovery that gets me going.


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  1. That’s interesting! I never thought of it that way.

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