bright red paper

I was walking through the Memorial Union building the other day when I heard music coming from the lounge. I had never heard anything like it before, it sounded like a folk Explosions In The Sky, imported from Eastern Europe. Bright Red Paper comes from Portland, with a sound all their own. They describe themselves as “High-energy-but-ambient cello-driven stuff.” If you are into post-rock at all, definitely click both of these links. If you have no idea what post-rock is, definitely click both these links.

Watching these guys (and a girl) play, I realized the only people who actually came to see the show were 1st graders on a field trip, a group of mentally handicapped people, and some old people who left halfway through because the band got a little too awesome.

Afterwards, I struck up a conversation with some Taiwanese girls, who turned out to like the same music as me, specifically The Album Leaf and Sigur Ros, two of my favorites. If you know me at all, you know that I am instantly friends with anyone who shares my taste in music.

These girls were on a class trip in Oregon, and asked if they could interview me for a project. I told them all about last year. They really liked my pictures, one of them even exclaimed “That’s a art!” Afterwards, I did my best to explain what beer pong was, as well as fraternities, sororities, and other things crucial to understanding American life. these were some of most excitable girls i have ever met. This is the blog of Yu, the girl I discussed post-rock with.


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  1. album leaf is coming to taipei on march 17!:D oh yeah!!

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